Copán Ruinas Archaeological and Conservation Project

Ancient Copan was the capital of a large multi-ethnic territory from 426 to 822 CE, during the Classic period of Maya civilization.

This exhibition is brought to you by the partnership of the Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia and the Copan Archaeological and Conservation Project at Harvard University.

Drawing of the Mot Mot Marker

Explore the Hieroglyphic Stairway and Ball Court

Discover the ancient Maya site at Copán and climb the legendary hieroglyphic stairway

Enter the Site

Explore the Rosalila Temple inside Temple 16

Discover Altar Q and see the buried Rosalila Temple

Go Inside the Temple

Explore the Tombs of the Founder and Queen of Copán

Discover the tunnels around the tomb of the Founder of the Dynasty, Yax K'uk Mo' and the Red Queen of Copán, “Lady Margarita”

Visit the Tombs

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